Welcome to The Peaceful Dog

I'm so glad you have an interest in animal massage!

It's a privilege for me to work with such wonderful clients and their pets as an animal massage practitioner here in Bend, Oregon. I would love the opportunity to talk with you about all of the wonderful benefits our pets gain from massage. Whether you have a companion pet, a dog that loves to compete, a working dog, or one recovering from surgery or illness, you will find that maintenance, performance, and rehabilitative massage are beneficial to their overall health and well-being.

I have a young Labrador that is a companion pet, ball retrieving, crazy swimming fool! She benefits tremendously from massage after a day of playing. Massage helps lower her risk of injury, tends to any sore muscles, helps flush out toxins, and shortens her recovery time so she can get right back out there and enjoy an active life! I started massaging her as a puppy to help with growing pains and will continue massage through every stage of her life. Each stage can present new challenges and massage along with managed veterinary care can lead to a long happy life. I can see the benefits with my own dog and would love to offer my massage services to your pets.

Warmest Regards,